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Using the color selector
Whenever you start a command to change a color in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling or one of its modules, the Color Selector appears. In this dialog, you can specify colors for lights, parts, workplane borders, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation geometry, and so on.
The Color Selector uses a system of color palettes containing defined colors; new palettes and colors can be added at any time. You can select colors directly from the list, change the active palette, or open the Color Editor to modify a color precisely.
To select a color for the active operation: Click the color button in the Colors list.
The specified color is automatically used as the selection in the active command.
To select a color from a different palette:
1. Select a palette name from the Palette: cascade list.
The Colors list is replaced with the selected palette's colors.
2. Click the desired color button in the list.
To modify a color for use in the active operation:
1. Click the name of a color in the list that best approximates the desired color.
The name is highlighted and the color is displayed by the Result: color button.
2. Click Modify to open the Color Editor.
3. Modify the color as required, and click OK or Apply in the Editor.
4. Click OK in the Selector (or click the Result: color button) to adopt the color in the active command.
Note that the new color is not added to the active palette automatically. You must select New under Color in the Options menu, and then give a name for the color.
The following sections explain how to create and modify palettes and colors. These are saved in the dedicated subdirectory palettes in your home sd_customize directory.