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Remove data from a configuration
You can remove object positions and other information from a configuration. For example, you can create a configuration with the Explode command, then remove position information for a single part so it remains in its standard position.
To remove data from a configuration,
1. Click Structure and then, in the Configurations group, click More.
2. Click Remove Data in the Modify section. The Remove Data dialog box opens.
3. To remove position information for one or more objects, click Objects then select the object(s) in the viewport.
4. To move the position from the configuration to the standard view, select Keep Position.
5. To remove information for the entire assembly, click one or more of the following:
Positioning Info: Resets all positions to the standard positions.
Camera Info: Clears the camera position information.
Drawlist Info: Resets the drawlist so all parts are drawn in the viewport.
6. Undo one or more steps by clicking the button under Undo Removal.
7. Click to complete the operation.