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Hold a part in a configuration
Parts that are not moved in a configuration have no positional information stored with the configuration. You can hold a part to save its current position in the configuration without moving the part. If this part moves outside of the configuration, it will return to its original position when the configuration is activated.
The three parts shown below are included in the same assembly, and a configuration has been defined for this assembly:
In the configuration, only the square and cylinder move, shown here by highlighting the configuration:
Although the triangle doesn't move, we want it stored with the configuration so its position is saved if it is moved outside the configuration. Here you can see that although the triangle doesn't move, its position is part of the configuration:
To hold a part,
1. Click Structure and then, in the Configurations group, click Hold. The Hold dialog box opens.
2. Select a Configuration.
3. Select the Objects (parts or assemblies) that you don't want to move.
4. Click to complete the operation.