Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and change text > Move reference lines
Move reference lines
You can change both the source and destination elements and attach points of existing reference lines. Reassigning reference lines in this way works on lines originating from both text and symbols, but the relationship between the owners of the source element and the target remains as when creating new reference lines.
To move or reattach a reference line,
To reattach the start or end of the reference line, click a handle on the reference line you wish to move and drag it to a new position.
To stretch reference line segments, click an inside handle on the reference line and drag it to a new position.
If you are accustomed to our earlier versions, you can still use the original menu:
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Annotate group, click the arrow next to Ref Line.
2. Click Reassign Ref Line. The Reassign Ref Line dialog box opens.
3. Click the reference line on the sheet that you want to modify.
4. Specify the source or target for the reference line as follows:
To specify the source text or symbol, simply click it in in the viewport (the Source option is active by default).
To specify the destination for the reference line, click Target and click the target element in the viewport.
5. After specifying the source or target element, you can click the source point or end point of the reference line to make it active and attached to the cursor, and then click a new position for it on the element. (In this way, you can position the end point in the middle of a face on the target.)
6. In addition, when reassigning the source attach point, you can also specify the attach point by using predefined points, as follows:
Click PreDef on to expand the menu. You can now click the source position from the graphic, or first enter the following offsets:
Length Gap: a positive offset of the source point from the base line (or top line) of the source.
Height Gap: a positive offset of the source point from the side lines of the source.
The offsets are measured from a box surrounding the source. This invisible anchor accounts for any rotation of the text or symbol.
7. Continue changing the Source or Target of the selected reference line, specify a different Ref Line to modify, or click to end the operation.
If you specify the wrong source or end point for the reference line, you can immediately click Back to undo the action, and specify a new point.