Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Configure Creo Elements/Direct Annotation > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation default settings > Set text attributes
Set text attributes
This section shows how to set the appearance of new text. You can change the default settings for display parameters. Specifications made are valid for all subsequently created text.
To set the text attributes,
1. Click File > Settings > Text. The Default Settings table opens with Text section expanded.
2. In the Value column, double-click the setting you wish to change.
To set Appearance values, modify the Label/text style settings.
To set the cursor Feedback:
This determines how the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation cursor appears on the screen while positioning new text. After you create text, the cursor can display one of the following graphics while in the viewport:
An empty box the size of the text.
The text itself.
The text surrounded by a box.
To set the default Text Editor:
Built-in specifies that the default editor is the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation built-in text editor.
External specifies that the default editor is the system's default text editor (such as WordPad or vi).
Note that the built-in editor provides a means to include special characters (such as the diameter sign) in your text, which is not available with external text editors.
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