Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and modify symbols > Change symbol parameters
Change symbol parameters
You can edit existing symbols using the Edit Symbol command. This command opens the same dialog box in which you create symbols, so you can select or enter new parameters for the symbol.
Unlike changing symbol properties, you may change parameters of only one symbol at a time.
To change the parameters of existing symbols,
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Annotate group, click the arrow next to Symbol.
2. Click Edit Symbol.
3. Select the symbol to modify in the viewport. The corresponding Symbol dialog box opens.
4. Click a parameter you want to change, and select or enter a new value as required.
If you are modifying a welding symbol, you can click Swap Side to exchange parameters between the arrow side and other side of the welding symbol.
5. Expand the Appearance pane if you wish to change the appearance properties of the symbol. Click a property you want to change, and select or enter a new value as required. The settings are the same as the default properties.
Most of these settings are intuitive, but it may be helpful to know:
Specifies the angle between the text base line and the horizontal.
If you set the value of the angle to Auto, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation will use the angle of the selected element to set the angle of the symbol. The Get Angle button will change to Flip Symbol so you can position the symbol on the other side of the element.
Whether the size of the symbol is relative
The ratio of character width to height.
The deviation from vertical of the characters in the text; values must be between -80 and +80
degrees (approximately ±1.39 rad or ±88.88 grad).
6. Click to complete the operation.