Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Configure Creo Elements/Direct Annotation > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation default settings > Set default symbol parameters
Set default symbol parameters
The appearance of symbols is controlled by a number of default parameters.
To change the default symbol parameters,
1. Click File > Settings > Symbol. The Default Settings table opens with the Symbol settings.
2. In the Value column, double-click the setting you wish to change.
You can change the following Appearance settings in the Appearance of Annotation/Symbol table:
Adjust Point
You can set adjust points for the new symbols of a symbol style. To set an adjust point, double-click the Adjust column for the style and select a value from the list.
Symbol Angle
You can set the angle of new symbols. Note that the new angle you specify is absolute, and measured from the positive x-axis.
Auto Angle
You can direct Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to derive the angle of the new symbol from selected reference geometry.
Keep Text Readable
When set to Yes, the angle of text within the symbol is retained within a range of 90 degrees to -90 degrees, measured from the positive x-axis. Text that would be rotated outside this range is flipped so that it remains readable.
Symbol Size
You can set the size of new symbols either absolutely or relatively. You may specify either an absolute size, not both.
The absolute size refers to the smallest text of the current symbol type; the rest of the symbol geometry is scaled appropriately. Note that this setting has no effect for symbols that contain no text.
The relative size factor is applied to the default (defined) size of the current symbol type.
Text Ratio
Width to height ratio of symbol text characters.
Text Slant
Slant of symbol text.
Symbol Colors
You can set the color for new symbols. Three distinct elements of symbols can be controlled either individually or together:
Changes the color of symbol text.
Changes the color of symbol geometry.
Changes the color of hatching contained in a symbol (for example, datum target area symbols).
Changes the color of all symbol aspects.
You can change Specific symbol settings for Welding sizes:
Text Geo Ratio
All Around Symbol
Indication Height
Indication Width
You can change Specific symbol settings for Surface symbols:
You can change the Standard settings to display any one version of the surface symbol in the Template Browser. See Create a symbol. Two versions of the surface symbol are available in the Template Browser: Surface (1992), which is according to the ISO standard 1302 of year 1992, and Surface (2002), which is according to the ISO standard 1302 of year 2002. You can select any of the following Standard settings:
ISO 1302 - 1992, show only
ISO 1302 - 2002, show only
You can set the possible characters for Tolerance symbols:
Value Characters
Projected Tolerance Characters
Datum Characters
The default is All allowing you to use both versions as required.
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