Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and modify sketches > Create a sketch
Create a sketch
To create a new sketch, you first create a sketch vertex and then add elements to it to build up the sketch. The drawing elements that can be used in a sketch are the following:
Another sketch
Geometry (including manual hatching)
Auxiliary geometry (center lines, symmetry lines)
Text (including text references)
To create a sketch vertex,
1. Click Insert and then, in the Sketch group, click New. The New Sketch dialog box opens.
2. If necessary, click Owner and specify the owner of the sketch.
3. Enter a name for the new sketch in the Name box.
4. Specify a reference point for the position of the new sketch in one of the following ways:
Enter coordinates for the point in the user input line.
Click a point in the viewport.
5. Click to complete the operation.
It is good practice to avoid giving sketches the same name as a sheet, drawing, or view.
The new sketch vertex appears as a small dot on the sheet where it resides. The vertex is easier to see if Vertices is switched on in the Show dialog box. (Click File > Settings > Show to open the Show dialog box.) You can now build up the sketch from the vertex. (The vertex point itself can be deleted when other elements have been added to the sketch.)