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Convert a view to a sketch
It is possible that you are unable to attach a view because, for example, the original model is lost. In this event the view can no longer be updated, and it may be desirable to convert it to a sketch.
This operation in not reversible! There is no way of converting a sketch back to a view. Be sure that you really cannot (or do not want to) update the view ever again before converting it to a sketch.
To convert a view to a sketch,
1. Click Migration Tools and then, in the Convert Objects group, click View. The View to Sketch dialog box opens.
2. Specify the view to convert in one of the following ways:
Select the view from the Drawing Browser.
Click the view in the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation Viewport.
Enter the path and name of the view in the View box.
3. Click Continue in the warning box.
4. Click to complete the operation.
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation converts the view to a sketch.