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Attach views
You can attach a 2D view in Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to a 3D view belonging to a Creo Elements/Direct Modeling part or assembly. Note that only detached views can be attached; a warning is issued if you select a view already attached to a model.
Views owned by 3D components can be seen in the Structure Browser. Before attaching a view to a model, you should be certain that they really do correspond to each other.
The Attach View command should be used very carefully because it significantly alters the 2D data. It is possible, for example, to attach views in an imported drawing to the wrong 3D model; a subsequent update would then destroy the imported drawing information.
To attach a view,
1. Click Migration Tools and then, in the 2D3D Connection group, click Attach View. The Attach View dialog box opens.
2. Specify the drawing view to attach in one of the following ways:
Select the view in the Drawing Browser.
Click the view in the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation Viewport.
Enter the path and name of the view in the 2D View box (for example, /3/top1 for view top1 on sheet 3).
3. Specify the 3D view to attach by selecting it in the Structure Browser.
It may be easier to select corresponding views by opening both browsers side by side.
4. Click Continue in the warning box.
5. Click to complete the operation.
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation attaches the specified views. You can now update the views based on the owning model.