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Detach views
If you attach a drawing view to a 3D view, but then discover that they do not in fact correspond, you can detach the 2D view again. It will no longer be possible to update the detached view based on the severed model, although you can reattach the view later.
To detach a view,
1. Click Migration Tools and then, in the 2D3D Connection group, click Detach View. The Detach View dialog box opens.
2. Specify the drawing view to detach in one of the following ways:
Select the view in the Drawing Browser.
Click the view in the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation Viewport.
Enter the path and name of the view in the 2D View box (for example, /3/top1 for view top1 on sheet 3).
3. Click Continue in the warning box.
4. Click to complete the operation.
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation detaches the specified view. You can now attach the view to a different 3D view, if required.