Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Configure Creo Elements/Direct Annotation > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation default settings > Set dimensioning defaults > Set the attributes of projected reference points
Set the attributes of projected reference points
The appearance of the markers used to denote projected dimension reference points is governed by a set of attributes that you can modify at any time. The attributes affect all markers: They are used when drawing new markers; and any changes are applied to all existing markers.
The marker is composed of three distinct elements:
1. Circle
2. Center lines
3. Projection lines
The attributes you can set for all three elements include the color, line type, pen size and line size. The pen size and line size determine the thickness of the lines used to draw the markers. The difference is that the pen size is an absolute value and not affected by scaling. The line size, on the other hand, is relative; in this case, lines are scaled when its associated geometry is scaled. The Pen Size and Line Size values are mutually exclusive, therefore their switches toggle in the menu.
Additionally, you can specify the radius of the circle and the length of the center lines. The color of lost markers, those whose associated geometry can no longer project to a point, can also be changed. Finally, you can specify whether or not projected reference points should be updated automatically after a view update.
To set the attributes of markers,
1. Click File > Settings > Dimension > Projected Ref Point Settings. The PRP Attributes dialog box opens.
2. Change one or more of the Circle, Center Lines, or Projection Lines settings, or set the Lost References color or the Update Behavior:
Enter a new circle radius in the Radius box.
Enter a new center-line length in the Length box.
Specify a new color by clicking Color and selecting from the Color Selector.
Select a new line type from the Line Type cascade list.
Enter a new pen size in the Pen Size box.
Enter a new line size in the Line Size box.
Select either Automatic or Manual to determine how projected reference points are to be updated.
3. Click to accept the changes.