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Finding Information About Windchill Workgroup Manager for SOLIDWORKS
To make it easier to locate information that is specific to your application, Windchill Workgroup Manager documentation is divided between information that is common to all Windchill Workgroup Manager integrations, and information that is specific to each application. This topic describes how Windchill Workgroup Manager documentation is organized.
Common Information for New Users of Windchill Workgroup Manager
If you are new to Windchill Workgroup Manager, you can start with the Introduction to Windchill Workgroup Manager topic that describes the system architecture and the basic concepts. This introduction is common to all applications that are integrated using Windchill Workgroup Manager.
In addition, to learn more about general techniques for managing CAD data and your application data in Windchill, see Managing CAD Data.
Installation Documentation
For instructions on how to install and configure Windchill Workgroup Manager, see the Windchill Workgroup Manager Installation Guide on You can search for this guide from the Reference Documents page on
What’s New for This Release
For information on what is new for this release in Windchill Workgroup Manager, see Windchill Workgroup Manager section in the Windchill What’s New.
Information Specific to SOLIDWORKS
Information specific to SOLIDWORKS is covered in the following sections:
Intended Audience
Describes PDM actions specific to SOLIDWORKS
Discusses advanced practices of Windchill Workgroup Manager.
Experienced user, power user
Describes how to configure SOLIDWORKS with Windchill, and other aspects of Windchill Workgroup Manager system management.
Lists Windchill Workgroup Manager preferences specific to SOLIDWORKS
For general Windchill preferences and how to set them, see Managing Workgroup Manager Preferences.