Integration with Other Applications
Integration with Other Applications
This category contains information on integrated products, or products that support integrations with Windchill, such as Info*Engine, Arbortext, or Creo.
Did You Know?
Starting with Windchill 11.0, when security labels are enabled, it is possible to set security labels for new CAD documents, dynamic documents, and parts during the workspace checkin process.
Starting with Windchill 11.0, documentation for Windchill Workgroup Manager is delivered in the Windchill Help Center, which is available on your company’s Windchill server. You can access the Windchill Help Center from the Windchill Workgroup Manager client by selecting Help > Help Center. With this enhancement, you no longer need to install a separate Windchill Workgroup Manager Help Center. This consolidation also enables you to easily navigate between Windchill and Windchill Workgroup Manager topics, and take advantage of Windchill Help Center search.
Starting with Windchill 11.0, Windchill Workgroup Manager is installed using a new dedicated installer. Installation documentation has been consolidated in the Windchill Workgroup Manager Installation Guide, available from the installation media and on the PTC Reference Documents page at the following URL: Installation information has been removed from the individual Windchill Workgroup Manager guides.
When a user associates a part to a checked-in CAD document, the system can automatically build the related part if the new preference Operation > Auto Associate > Build Part After Associate is set to Yes. For more information, see Automatically Associating CAD Documents and Windchill Parts.
A documentation module, Managing CAD and Part Structures in Windchill, consolidates information about the product design methodologies and the ways to manage CAD and part structures in Windchill. See Introduction and Methodology Overview.
The Windchill Help Center has the following capabilities:
Click print to print the current topic.
Click feedback to send an email to PTC with comments about the current topic.
Show the contents of the help center based on user role, product, or Windchill optional module by Filtering Using Profiles.