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UsingXSL Bundle Publishing Output
The UsingXSL output type lets you publish the contents of a service structure with customizable transformations. The UsingXSL Bundle Publishing feature is similar to the Publish > Using XSL publishing output feature in Arbortext Editor. UsingXSL is useful for creating an output that contains the XML source in a format that can be loaded into third-party systems such as delivery systems.
The output format is an Arbortext Editor Resolved Document for Styling (RDS). The structure transformation and formatting of the XML source is determined by the configurations that are set in an XSL stylesheet. The output contains an XML file and a folder that holds any referenced graphics. For example, a service structure consisting of dynamic document, parts list and graphics. When the service structure is published using the UsingXSL output type, the output contains the transformed dynamic document contents and transformed parts list in the RDS format, and referenced graphics in a folder. The output is placed in the folder that is specified by the usingxsl.destination parameter.
Arbortext Publishing Engine transforms the service structure and parts list using the stylesheets specified in the pubstructXsl and partlistStylesheet publishing rules respectively.
Specify output="usingxsl" in a publishing rule to publish in XSL format. For example, <publish on="create-representation" param-set="myXslParamSet" output="usingxsl">.
If the graphicTransform parameter for graphics transformation is specified in the publishing rule, then the referenced graphics are transformed according to the parameter settings.
Arbortext Publishing Engine sends the composer log and a manifest to Windchill that denotes the status of the job.
To publish an XSL bundle, add the following rules to the sample publishing rules file:— Specify the stylesheet that must be used during the publishing process. This stylesheet expects a source document that has been formatted by the pubstructXsl stylesheet.— Specify the absolute path to a valid folder that is accessible from the Arbortext Publishing Engine.
An existing file or folder with the same name as the destination file or folder is overwritten during the publishing process.