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Automating Incremental Publishing
Service Publishing allows you to automate the process of incremental publishing for a service structure or service product hierarchy.
A service structure or service product hierarchy can undergo many changes during its lifecycle. Those changes can be tracked and incrementally published using automated publishing process.
Automated incremental publishing is executed in two basic steps.
1. A scheduled job identifies and collects the updates in the structure by tracking the xml bundle representations of the respective structures.
2. An incremental publishing job is triggered based on the values that are specified while scheduling the job.
You can view the status of the incremental publishing job in the WVS Job Monitor.
Configuring SIS Publishing for Automation
To configure SIS publishing for automation, follow these steps:
1. In declarations.xconf file, located in the Windchill home directory, search for ConfigurationRef xlink:href element. If it is not present, add <ConfigurationRef xlink:href="codebase/com/ptc/arbortext/windchill/publisher/automation/scautomation.xconf"/> to the declarations.xconf file.
This adds the file to Windchill codebase.
2. In file located at <Windchill>\codebase\com\ptc\arbortext\windchill\publisher\automation:
Set the value of enableAutomatedRepublishTracking to true
Set an appropriate value of lcStatesForAutoPublish. The value of the lcStatesForAutoPublish property specifies the lifecycle states of Windchill objects. The default value is set to RELEASED by PTC. The value of this property can be a comma-separated list of lifecycle states. Objects with a lifecycle state that matches with one of the specified states are included for automated publishing.
3. Run xconfmanager –pF and restart Windchill.
For information on scheduling a job, see WVS Job Scheduler Administration.