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Service Application Sample Document Type
The Technical Information (com.ptc.arbortext.techinfo) application is a DITA document type and topics that form a sample custom application which organizes and manages information about service operations and parts. This application is included with Arbortext Publishing Engine, and includes an Arbortext Styler stylesheet for publishing.
Also included with Arbortext Publishing Engine is the Service (com.ptc.arbortext.service) application which manages the transformation and publishing preparation between WVS and Arbortext Publishing Engine. In particular, the doctypes directory contains the pubstruct and partslist schemas to manage the generic forms of information structures, publication structures, and parts lists sent by WVS. They also contain the stylesheets that transform the incoming markup into XML appropriate for publishing using the Technical Information application. These XSL transformation stylesheets provide commented guidelines for using them as a guide to what customizations you can perform for your own document type.
In the pubstruct directory, techinfomap.xsl (which references ditamap-common.xsl) transforms a publication structure or an information structure into the Technical Information application map and its topics.
Also in the pubstruct directory, DMPmap.xsl (which references the DMPmap-base.xsl and DMPmap-pvz.xsl) transforms a publication structure or an information structure into a format suitable for bundle publishing.
techinfo.xsl in the partslist directory transforms a parts list into an illustrated part description (IPD), which is the list of parts in an assembly, along with any images, footnotes, links, and other information.
For further information on transformation and customization, refer to Customizing Windchill Service Information Manager and Windchill Service Parts, available from the Windchill Help Center and the PTC Reference Documents support site: