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Specifying Authoring Language for New Service Objects
When creating a new service structure object, you must specify the Authoring Language attribute on the new object window. If, for example, you specify the authoring language as French, then the system considers the value of translatable attributes on that object as in French.
The available authoring languages are derived from the Source Languages enumeration. If more than one authoring language is available, the Authoring Language attribute is presented as a drop-down list, from which the user can choose the appropriate authoring language.
When the new object creation window is launched, the Authoring Language attribute may have a value already selected by default. The default selection for the Authoring Language attribute is determined by the following:
If the user’s browser locale setting is a close match to one of the Source Languages enumeration entries, then the Authoring Language attribute defaults to that language.
If multiple values in the browser locale settings match multiple source languages, then the highest priority browser locale determines the default Authoring Language property selection.
If the user’s browser locale setting is blank or matches none of the source languages, then the Authoring Language property is blank.
An object initialization rule (OIR) can determine the default Authoring Language attribute selection, regardless of the user’s browser locale setting, on a new object creation window. An OIR can automatically set the authoring language when an object is created from a Save As action.
For more information, see Service Object Initialization.
The Authoring Language attribute is required and cannot be left blank. After the object has been created, the Authoring Language attribute value cannot be changed. If the expected authoring language is not available from the Authoring Language attribute selection, users should contact their administrator.