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Service Object Initialization
If you are configuring an existing product context in Windchill to be a service product, be aware that Object Initialization Rules (OIR) can enable Windchill Service Information Manager features for your context.
Windchill Service Information Manager OIRs are usually set on specific objects, and begin with SIM.
A SIM Authoring Language OIR is commonly used throughout service structures to set the Authoring Language default value when creating new objects. The OIR attempts to map the user’s browser locale to a language specified in the Source Languages enumeration. For more information, see Source Languages.
OIR for autonumbering is set automatically by the Windchill Service Information Manager installation, described in Autonumbering for Service Subtypes
OIR can set the default value for the Location and Default Content Location attributes when creating information groups and publication sections for service structures.
OIR can set custom default folders for information structures and publication structures, described in Service Folder Defaults
For more information on OIR configuration, see Understanding Object Initialization Rules.