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Creating Translated Text Attributes
A translated text attribute is a read-only attribute that displays the translated text for the associated source text attribute, as determined by the user’s browser locale setting. To display translated text for an attribute, a translated text attribute must be created.
Translated text attributes can be created only on the Part Master, and Part types and their subtypes, including Information Base and its subtypes. If you have Windchill Service Parts installed, translated text attributes can also be created on the Parts List Master and Parts List types, and their subtypes.
By default, Translation Name translated text attributes are provided associated with the Name attribute on the Parts List, Parts List Master, Part, and Part Master types. If you need translations for other attributes at your site, you must create the appropriate translated text attributes for those attributes.
For each translated text attribute that you create, you must specify the Source Text Attribute (the attribute for which the translated text is displayed) and the Translation Dictionary (the object where the source and its associated translations are stored). For more information, see Setting Up Translated Text Attributes. The Source Text Attribute is selected from the list of available String data type attributes. Available String data type attributes are those which meet the following criteria:
Are defined on the current type. String data type attributes inherited from a parent type cannot be used as source text attributes.
Are a modeled, global, or standard attribute. Alias and calculated attributes cannot be used as source text attributes.
Are not already associated to a translated text attribute. Once a source text attribute has been associated with a translated text attribute, that source text attribute is no longer available for selection to create a translated text attribute.
PTC recommends establishing a naming convention for translated text attributes. Decide whether the Display Name attribute for your translated text attributes will match the Display Name attribute of the associated source text attribute, or if you will follow a separate naming convention. The Display Name for the out-of-the-box translated text attribute for the Parts List, Parts List Master, Part, and Part Master types’ Name attributes is Translation Name.
If you update the out-of-the-box Display Name attribute for any attribute, you may need to update the localized display name for the software languages installed with your Windchill solution. For more information, see Localizing Property Values.
If you are adding a translated text attribute to a type that has a master type, for example Part and Part Master, you must add the same translated text attribute to both the type and its master type, referencing the same translation dictionary and using the same display name. The translated text must be made available from both types for a seamless display of information, in case the end user sees content from the master type in place of the type.
For more information, see Creating a New Attribute.
Once created, you must add the translated text attributes to attribute layouts and table views to display them. For more information, refer to Adding Translated Text Attributes to Attribute Layouts and Adding Translated Text Attributes to Table Views.