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Target Languages
Target languages are used for display of translated text attributes and translation. In both cases, the Target Languages enumeration provides the allowable language list. The entries in the Target Languages enumeration are inherited from the Available Languages enumeration. Initially, all Target Languages enumeration entries are in the Removed from selection list table. Populate the list of allowable languages for your system by moving the entries for those languages to the Available for selection table of the enumeration. It is important to populate the Target Languages enumeration as part of the initial Windchill Service Information Manager setup and configuration.
The languages specified in the Target Languages enumeration determine the languages available for display of translations by translated text attributes. These languages support the browser locales of users. If a translated text value is available in the user’s browser locale setting, that value is displayed for the translated text attribute value. For more information, see Setting Up Translated Text Attributes.
Translation management for service structures requires a list of target languages in its configuration. The target languages are specified in a translation preference that is derived from Target Languages enumerations. The companion Supported Languages translation preference specifies a list of allowable target languages for translation package creation.
Translation preferences are configured in Translation Support (Utilities > Business Administration > Preference Management). If the Target Languages enumeration is later changed, check the Supported Languages translation preference to ensure that the preference values are still valid. See Translation Preferences for more information.