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Setting Up Languages
The lists of languages available for authoring and translation are specified in the Manage Global Enumerations window of the Type and Attribute Management utility.
The Available Languages enumeration and its two subenumerations Source Languages and Target Languages control the languages used for authoring, translation, and display of content using the Windchill Service Information Manager translation functionality. These enumerations are visible only if Windchill Service Information Manager is installed.
Both the Source Languages and Target Languages enumerations inherit their entries from the Available Languages enumeration. Initially, all entries for the Source Languages and Target Languages subenumerations are in the Removed from selection list table. Each subenumeration must be populated with the languages to be used in your system by moving the entries for those languages to the Available for selection table of the appropriate enumeration. At least one entry must be made available for selection in the Source Languages enumeration. It is important to populate the Source Languages and Target Languages enumerations as part of the initial Windchill Service Information Manager setup and configuration.
Additional information on each of the enumerations is provided in the following sections. For more information on managing enumerations, see Managing Global Enumerations.