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Creating Parts List Representations
Using the Parts List Editor, you can create the following parts list representations:
Parts List Structure — A PVZ representation of the parts list supplied to the technical illustrator as input to creating the final technical illustration used in the parts list.
A PVZ (zip) file contains files used by the illustrator. For more information, see Publishing a Parts List.
You can create an illustration from Parts List Editor. The representation and GDD are created automatically as part of the illustration creation process.
For more information, see Creating and Updating Parts List Illustrations
Published Parts List — A representation (typically PDF or HTML) of a parts list and its associated illustration(s). This representation is useful for routing a parts list for review.
Use the following procedure to create a representation of the parts list.
1. In the Parts List Editor, select the top node of the parts list you want to publish and choose the Representation action from the shortcut menu or from the Publish action set in the Structure tab toolbar on the part information page. A Publish Representation window appears.
2. Enter the following details about the publish job:
Name — name of the representation that forms the value of its Name attribute
Description — text description of the representation that forms the value of its Description attribute
Type — select Parts List Structure or Published Parts List as the type of representation that is created
Set as Default (if selecting Parts List Structure in the Type field) — check this option if you would like this to be the default representation that displays in the Details tab.
3. When you are finished, click Submit Publish Job. A confirmation message displays stating that the job was submitted and completed.
You can monitor the progress of your job through the WVS Job Monitor. To access the WVS Job Monitor, click the WVS Job Monitor link in the confirmation message.
The new representation is listed in the Representations tab on the part information page.
If you are publishing in languages that include special characters, especially those in the CJK set, you must ensure that your environment provides the font required to support these languages:
Configure the stylesheet to use the required fonts.
Install the Arial Unicode MS font on your Arbortext Publishing Engine server
The APP print engine uses this font as a fallback if it cannot locate the required font.
Filtering the Representation
You can define filters to specify which objects are included in the representation. You can filter the display of items in the parts list on applicability based on service effectivity and basic/advanced expressions (ATO).
You can specify if filtering should act on top level parts only, or cascade down to lower level parts.
For more information, see Filtering the Display of Parts.