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Filtering the Display of Parts
A filter allows you to display only the parts in a parts list that interest you. For example, if you have a large parts list, you can apply a filter to show only objects meeting certain criteria. The Edit Filter action opens the Edit Filter window, which displays the filters available for the current parts list.
Use the following procedure to apply filters:
1. With a parts list open in Windchill Service Parts, click the Edit Filter icon in the toolbar.
The Edit Filter window opens.
2. Select a tab from the top of the window to set the filter. Depending on your site’s configuration and the object from which you launched the Edit Filters window, the filters available can vary.
The Option Filter tab displays the Assemble To Order (ATO) option choices defined for the part. If no choices are defined on the part, the part usage choices defined for the part’s sBOM are used.
The Service Effectivity tab displays the service effectivity objects assigned to the part.
The Attribute Filter tab allows you to define query expressions based on the attributes for the items in the parts list.
3. Configure filters for your parts list in the tabs as required.
4. Click OK to apply your filters and close the window.
For information on displaying the components of a structure based on their options/choices values, see Filtering on Options.
For information on displaying the components of a structure based on their service effectivity settings, see Filtering on Service Effectivity.
For information on filtering a parts list by attribute values, see Filtering on Attributes.
If the content of a parts list is filtered with Options and/or Service Effectivity filters, only items that meet the filter criteria are included in a published parts list PDF or PVZ representation. For more information, see Creating Parts List Representations.
A BOM associated with a parts list is also subject to applicability filters that are currently active for the parts list. Items that do not match the Current Filter setting or saved filters are not displayed.
Filtering Parts from a Visualization or Representation
You have the option to configure how a filter set for a parts list affects the display of the parts list’s items in the visualization and representations of the parts list:
at top level part level only
at sub-part level
In Parts List Editor, the parts list structure shows top level parts from the BOM only. The BOM associated with the parts list details the sub-parts of a part.
The value of the preference Cascade filtering into parts list representation's low-level parts (Service Parts category in the Preference Management utility) specifies how filtering should be applied to parts list items in visualization or representations of a parts list:
No (default) — filter top level parts only
If a top level part matches the applied filter, the whole part is removed from display. All sub-parts are excluded, even if they did not match the filter criteria.
If a sub-part matches the applied filter, and the top level part does not, the sub-part is still shown in the visualization / representation as a component of the top level part.
Yes — cascade filtering to sub-parts
If a sub part matches the applied filter, and the top level part does not, the sub-part is removed from the detail of the top level part in the visualization / representation.