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Mapping Part Attributes to Parts List Item Attributes
When you are creating and managing parts list from an associated SBOM, a part in the SBOM usually has an equivalent parts list item in the resulting parts list. For the attributes on a part to be synchronized with the attributes on the parts list item, a mapping between the two must exist in the PartsListItemAttributeMappings XCONF file.
If a mapping exists, the part attribute can be copied to the parts list item attribute with these actions:
Creating a parts list from the SBOM part
For more information, see Generating Parts Lists from SBOM Parts.
Updating the parts list after changes to the SBOM with an Update Parts List action
For more information, see Updating Parts Lists after Changes to Source.
A mapping between the Quantity attribute for a part and the Quantity attribute for a parts list item is provided as a default.
An administrator can create additional mappings between part attributes and parts list item attributes.
1. Access the XCONF file:
This file details mappings between attributes from a BOM part and attributes on a part, part usage or part master. It contains a default mapping between the Quantity attribute from a part usage and the Quantity attribute on a parts list item.
2. Use the xconfmanager utility to access and update the file.
It is not recommended that you edit the xconf file directly. Any changes you make will be lost during a subsequent product upgrade.
3. Refer to the Type and Attribute Management utility for the internal names of the attributes you want to map.
4. Declare attribute mappings in the format shown below:
<Property name="itemQuantity" default="quantity.amount,true"/>
Where, in this example:
name is the internal name of the Quantity attribute of the resulting parts list item.
default is the internal name of the Quantity attribute of the original part usage.
true is the flag to confirm that the attribute should be copied during both parts list creation and parts list update. Set the flag to false if you want to ignore change to the attribute on the SBOM part when using the Update Parts List feature.
Ensure that attributes are mapped appropriately with regards to their data types. If the source and target data types do not match, an attempt is made to convert the data type of the mapped attribute to that of the Parts List Item attribute. If this is not possible, the attribute value is not mapped and an error is logged.
5. Restart the method server once you have added or updated the XCONF file.
Once mappings exist in the xconf file, attributes from an original BOM part are replicated as particular attributes on the part list item that gets created for it.
Users can modify the value of copied attributes once the part list item has been created.