Additional Windchill Capabilities > Service Information Management > About Windchill Service Information Manager — S1000D Module > Publishing > Publishing to Servigistics InService A&D > Generate InService A&D Information Type TOC File > View Generated Information Type TOC File
View Generated Information Type TOC File
To view the generated Information Type TOC file:
1. In the Navigator, select Packages for the appropriate product.
The Packages window is displayed.
2. Locate and select the required Servigistics InService A&D package.
3. Select the View Information context menu item.
The Details tab is displayed.
4. To view the attachments for the package you must add a new tab, and configure it to view Attachments.
Click the + tab to add a new tab.
The blank new tab is displayed. It can be useful at this point to rename the new tab as Attachments. You can rename the tab by right-clicking the tab and selecting Rename Tab from the menu.
5. Select Customize > General > Attachments.
The attachment tables are displayed in the tab.
The Include in Delivery Attachments table lists the latest TOC file (InfotypeTOC.xml) that has been generated.
The Attachments table lists older TOC files that have been created. When a new InfotypeTOC.xml file is created, the existing TOC file is renamed with its date and timestamp information.
6. View the InfotypeTOC.xml file by selecting the file in the Include in Delivery Attachments table, and clicking the Download selected files button. You can view or save the file as required.