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Purge Data Module from Information Structure
You can remove a data module (DM) from a structure using a Purge action, which will carry out these actions:
Remove the DM content holder from the information structure
Break links from all other objects to the purged DM
Delete all iterations of the DM from the folder structure
You can invoke a Purge action when the following conditions apply:
The Windchill Service Information Manager — S1000D Module is installed
You are working with an S1000D product
To purge an ICN Metadata File (IMF), you must be working in an S1000D 4.2 product.
You have the Product Manager role
You have selected a single DM, which is not checked out to another user
The Purge action is disabled for DMs under these circumstances:
A BREX DM that is linked by another DM
At state Issued
Part of a Change Request
External content (content or content holder is located in an external container)
To purge a DM from an information structure:
1. Select the DM in the information structure.
2. Select the S1000D > Purge context menu item.
The Purge Object dialog box is displayed.
If you have selected the DM in the Information Element List, use the Management > Purge menu choice.
3. The dialog box displays a list of links to the DM that will be broken if the DM is purged.
Entries listed in red text represent links from external objects and baselines. If these exist for the current DM, you will not be permitted to complete the Purge action.
4. Click Yes to complete the Purge action.
A confirmation message listing the status of the action is presented.
If you have purged an IMF, its linked ICN remains in the structure and the product.
For more information, see Purge Object Dialog Box.