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Purge Object Dialog Box
The Purge Object dialog box displays a list of information elements that reference a data module (DM) that has been selected for a Purge action.
The dialog box is displayed from two locations:
Select a DM (content holder) in the information structure, and then select S1000D > Purge from the context menu.
Select a DM in the Information Element List, and then select Management > Purge from the context menu.
List of Information Elements
Lists the objects that reference the DM being purged
A reference to the DM from an external object or a baseline is listed in red text. If any of these entries appear, you will not be permitted to complete the Purge action.
Completes the Purge action
When the action is complete:
Links from other objects are broken
The objects that reference the DM remain in the folder structure.
An ICN linked to an ICN Metadata File (IMF) remains in the structure when the IMF is purged.
The DM (content holder) is removed from the information structure
The DM (content) is deleted from the folder structure
Cancels the Purge action
For more information, see Purge Data Module from Information Structure.