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Option Filter Tab
The Option Filter tab of the Edit Filter window allows you to create a filter for your structure based on PCT data and Windchill options and choices.
The Edit Filter window is launched by selecting a structure and selecting the Edit Filter option from the ribbon menu.
Product filter section
Displays the Windchill options from the index of product definitions extracted from associated PCT data
Select a single Option to refine the list of available choices, or select All.
Displays the Windchill choices defined for the selected Option
Applies the selected Option/Choice filter to the list of products provided by Product Identifier
Removes any Option/Choice selection and clears the filter from the list of products provided by Product Identifier
Product Identifier
Displays the products from associated PCT data that include the Option/Choice selection
All products from the PCT data index are listed if no filter has been applied.
Select products or display all or none in the list.
Options and Choices for selected Products
Lists the options and choices defined in PCT data for the products selected in Product Identifier
Adds to the choices table below all options and choices defined in PCT data for the products selected in Product Identifier
Choices list
Lists all options available for selection for filtering:
All options available in the Option Set assigned to the current product
Options defined for the products selected in Product Identifier, if added
Select an option from the list to display it and its choices in the Selected option name window.
Any choice selection made for the option will be displayed here.
Removes all choice selections
Search in table
Provides a text field for you to search the choices list for a particular option or choice
Removes the search text
Selected option name window
Displays the option that is selected in the choices list, and presents its available choices for selection
Select the required choices to have them displayed in the choices list.
The choice selection made here provides the option filter criteria.
Exits the Edit Filter window and applies the selected option filter criteria to the structure
The configured option filter is displayed in the Current Filter window.
Exits the Edit Filter window without applying any option filter criteria.
For more information, see Filter a Structure.