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Add Applicability to a Data Module
To add applicability to a data module (DM):
1. Select the DM to which you want to add applicability, check it out, and open it for edit in Arbortext Editor.
2. Navigate to the assert element.
3. Select the Modify Attributes action by invoking either from the Edit menu or with Ctrl+D.
The Modify Attributes dialog box opens.
4. Enter the required options and choices in the attribute fields:
applicPropertyIdent — the Windchill option
applicPropertyType — the type of applicability represented by the option, prodattr (ACT) or condition (CCT)
applicPropertyValues — the choices for the Windchill option
5. If you do not know the option and choice selection you want to make, you can click Browse to search the available applicability information for the current product.
The Set Assert dialog box opens.
For more information, see Set Assert Dialog Box.
If invalid information already exists for the assert element, you will see a message requesting that the error is corrected. The Set Assert dialog box will not open.
6. Select the Windchill option and choices you wish to use.
The options and choices available for selection are from the Option Set for the current product.
For more information, see Applicability.
7. Click OK.
The option and choices selection you made is displayed in the applicPropertyIdent, applicPropertyType, and applicPropertyValues fields.
8. Click OK to exit the Modify Attributes dialog box.
The option and choices selection you made is displayed as attributes of the assert element:
9. Close the DM in Arbortext Editor and check it back in.
You can display the options and choices selection made for the assert element in the WindchillManage Applicability window. Invoke the window with the Manage Applicability context menu option.