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Set Assert Dialog Box
The Set Assert dialog box allows you set applicability attributes for an assert element in a data module (DM).
The Set Assert dialog box is displayed when you click Browse in the Modify Attributes dialog box for the assert element in Arbortext Editor.
Data Module
Lists the ACT/CCT DMs (Option Groups) in the current product.
You can select a single DM (Option Group) here.
Property Identifier
Lists the Windchill options available for selection:
If no DM is selected in Data Module, lists all Windchill options in the Option Set assigned to the current product
If a DM is selected in Data Module, the list is filtered to show Windchill options from the selected DM (Option Group)
Select an option to have its available choices shown in Available Property Values.
Available Property Values
Displays all choices available for the Windchill option selected in Property Identifier.
Use the right arrow to add values to Selected Property Values.
Selected Property Values
Displays all choices selected as attributes for the assert element.
Use the left arrow to remove values from the selection..
Displays this help topic.
Exits the dialog box and applies the values in Selected Property Values as attributes of the assert element.
Exits the dialog box without applying any value selection.
For more information, see Add Applicability to a Data Module.