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Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) Modules
The Windchill Service Information Manager — S1000D Module provides a workflow that enables the synchronization of content of an IPD data module and the parts list to which it is linked.
Certain prerequisites apply:
Both the IPD and the parts list must be at life cycle state In Work.
The IPD’s workflow state must permit work, for example it cannot be in the state Verification Required or Issued.
The IPD module can only be moved to the Verification Required state once the author workflow task to generate its content has been completed.
The IPD author must have permission to modify the IPD.
To synchronize the content of all IPDs associated with a parts list:
1. Associate the IPDs to the relevant parts list
See Associate a Parts List with an IPD for information.
2. Open the parts list in the Parts List Editor
3. Navigate to the Related Objects tab in the Information Page for the parts list. The Illustrated Parts Documents table provides a list of all IPDs that are associated to the current parts list.
You may need to create and customize a new tab using if this is not visible.
See Changes to the Related Objects Tab for information.
4. Click Generate content
The button is disabled if there are no associated IPDs.
5. The content of the parts list is transferred to all its associated IPDs.
If any of the IPDs do not conform to the prerequisites listed above, no updates will be made and an error message will be generated.
6. Move the IPDs to the Verification Required workflow state as permitted. Each IPD is updated with the parts list data.
To synchronize the content of a parts list and one of its associated IPDs:
1. From the information structure, select the required IPD data module in the Information Element List.
Ensure that the IPD is in state WIP.
The IPD must be associated with a parts list. See Associate a Parts List with an IPD for information.
2. Release the IPD for verification by selecting Author > Release For Verification in the context menu.
See Release For Verification Page for information.
3. Click Complete Task.
4. The content of the IPD is synchronized with the content of the parts list to which it is linked. It has the workflow state of Verification Required.
When generating the content of an IPD from a parts list, Information Control Numbers (ICN) in the IPD receive the content of their linked illustration.
References to the figures in a 3D illustration in a parts list will be added to the content of an IPD when it is generated from the parts list. If the illustration is based on a c3di (primary content) and .pvz (secondary content) illustration, you can choose whether to include the first figure in the .pvz file only, or to include all figures in the .pvz.
The value of the Insert Multiple Figures preference specifies which figures to include.