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Insert a Business Rules Decision Reference
(S1000D 4.2 products only)
You can insert a reference to a Business Rules Decision in a Business Rules Document or BREX data module.
The reference element brDecisionRef is available as a child of these elements:
Business Rules Document:
1. Open the required data module of type 4.2 Business Rules Document or 4.2 Brex in Arbortext Editor.
2. At the required valid position in the data module, insert a brDecisionRef element.
3. Click Edit > Modify Attributes (or use CTRL+D) to open the Modify Attributes window for the element.
4. Click Browse.
The Insert Business Rules Decision reference dialog box is displayed.
For more information, see Insert Business Rules Decision reference Dialog Box.
5. Enter the appropriate search criteria and click Search.
Business Rules Decisions that match the search criteria are listed.
6. Select the Business Rules Decision (brDecision element) that you want to reference.
7. Enable the Use business rule severity level if present option, if required.
This option sets the severity level of the decision you’re currently configuring to the severity of the target decision.
8. Choose Insert Explicit Reference or Insert Implicit Reference.
Insert Explicit Reference is enabled when the target brDecision has the value of its ID attribute populated.
The Insert Business Rules Decision reference dialog box closes.
9. Click OK in the Modify Attributes window.
The Modify Attributes window closes, and the referenced decision is inserted into the current data module.
Check in of the data module will fail if the data module contains references to decisions with duplicate brDecisionIdentNumber attributes.