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Insert Business Rules Decision reference Dialog Box
The Insert Business Rules Decision reference dialog box allows you to search for Business Rules Decision items on the system, and insert references to those items into a Business Rules Document or BREX data module.
The dialog box is displayed when you:
1. Select a Business Rules Decision reference element (brDecisionRef)
2. Select Edit > Modify Attributes from the Arbortext Editor menu (or use CTRL+D)
to open the Modify Attributes dialog box
3. Click Browse.
Displays the current product context.
Displays brDecision as the type of reference being inserted.
You can filter the Business Rule Decision item search to return items that match specific criteria.
Data Module Code (select from the drop down list)
Click Search to search for Business Rule Decision items matching these criteria.
Clear resets all criteria fields.
Search results list
Displays the Business Rules Decision items that match your search criteria.
Choose the row that contains the required item.
Referred Business Rules Decision content
Displays a summary of the decision information defined by the selected Business Rule Decision item
Use business rule severity level if present
Select this option to set the severity level of the decision you’re currently configuring to the severity of the target decision.
Setting this option overrides any severity level explicitly set for the decision being configured.
Insert Explicit Reference
Insert Implicit Reference
Inserts a reference to the selected Business Rule Decision item.
Insert Explicit Reference is enabled if the selected target Business Rule Decision item has its ID attribute populated.
Cancels the current operation and closes the dialog box.
Displays this help topic.
For more information, see Insert a Business Rules Decision Reference.