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Browse Graphic Entities Dialog Box
The Browse Graphic Entities dialog box allows you to search for Information Control Number (ICN) graphics on the system. You can set filter criteria to restrict the results list to just those graphics in which you are interested.
The Browse Graphic Entities dialog box is displayed when you insert a <figure> markup tag in the data module.
Windchill Type
Select the type of ICN files to be displayed in the graphics list.
Model Identification Code-based
CAGE Code-based
Windchill Type is only displayed if the product has been configured for both Model Identification Code-based and CAGE Code-based ICNs.
Select the type of graphic files to be displayed in the graphics list.
Selecting All shows all graphics regardless of type.
Filter Criteria
You can filter the graphics search by a combination of filters for each of the ICN component parts.
The filter criteria varies depending on the type of ICNs in your product, Model Identification Code-based and/or Cage Code-based.
For each ICN component part you can filter by:
selecting the type of filter (for example, Equals, Contains, and so on)
entering a value in the corresponding text box. For example:
"Model Idenification Code"
"Starts With" "M"
"System Difference Code"
"Contains" "A"
searching for an ICN keyword (S1000D 4.2 products only)
ICN keywords are defined in the icnKeyword attributes in the ICN Metadata File (IMF) associated with the ICN.
This option is only available when working in an S1000D 4.2 product that is set to allow the use of IMFs.
You can search on specific types of graphic using the following filters:
S1000D Type. ICN template type, for example Flexi*, Fold*, Full*, Symbol, Multimedia.
Notation Type. File extension.
When you have constructed your search criteria, click Search.
Clears all the search filters that you have set.
Performs the search based on the search filters that you have set.
The results are displayed in the results list.
Results List
Displays all the graphic entities in the system that match the selected search criteria.
Graphic types .c3di and .iso, which are not supported by the S1000D Specification, can be returned as results.
Requirements for displaying these graphic types:
A graphic fallback is setup for Arbortext Editor, listing both the primary content file extension (for example c3di) and a valid secondary content extension (for example .pvz)
The notation type of the secondary content file is defined as Graphic/Multimedia in the Notations group of the S1000D look up library
Preview / Hide Preview
Displays (or hides) the preview pane which shows a preview of the selected graphic.
Selects the new graphic entity and adds it to the graphics list on the Graphic Entities — Server dialog box.
Cancels the current operation and closes the dialog box.
Displays this help topic.
For more information, see Insert an Illustration.