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Delete Change Request
If you delete an incomplete change request, the data modules that are allocated to that change request are reverted to their previous state. This is the state that they were in, before they were added to the change request.
To delete an existing change request:
1. For the required product, select Folders in the Navigation pane.
The Folders view is displayed.
2. Select Change Objects from the Folder Contents pull-down list. A list of existing change requests are displayed in the list.
3. Locate the change request that you want to delete, and then check the box to the left of the change request.
4. Right-click the selected change request, and then select Delete.
5. Click OK on the confirmation message.
If changes have already been made to one or more data modules associated with the change request, then you are asked to complete the Resolve Overridable Conflicts dialog box. All data modules are reverted to the state they were in, before being added to the change request.