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S1000D Change Requests
A change request is the Windchill mechanism that is used to describe an engineering or editorial change to a publication. The change request links together data elements (data modules or ICNs) that are potentially subject to change.
A number of data modules can be linked together by attaching the data modules to the change request. Work is then carried out on the data modules to satisfy the requirements of the change request.
Data elements that are linked to a change request are marked as such in the information structure. For example:
Change Request indication
If the change request has not been completed, the formal publication contains the latest versions of all the data modules that existed before they were added to the change request. This is even if some of the associated data modules have already been verified as part of the change request.
When all the data modules associated with the completed change request have been verified, then all the latest data modules can be formally published.
For more general information about Windchill change requests, see About Change Requests.