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Advanced Customization
Another option for S1000D OIR customization is to save your custom load files and create a load file loader to deploy them to a Windchill installation.
Create a load file, following this example:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE NmLoader SYSTEM "standardX26.dtd">
<csvCreateContainerTemplate handler="com.ptc.arbortext.windchill.rules.setup.CreateTemplate.createContainerTemplate">
<csvname><?loc-begin key="prod_tmpl_name_0" maxlen="150"?>S1000D 4.1 Product Template Customised<?loc-end?></csvname>
<csvxmlPath>sisaad/s1000D/product/[customer-name]/4-0-1/S1000D_4.0.1_ProductTemplate_Flat<?loc-begin key="LANG_FILE_EXT" pseudotrans="_ja"?><?loc-end?>.xml</csvxmlPath>
<csvdescription><?loc-begin key="prod_tmpl_desc_0"?>A S1000D 4.0.1 Product Template.<?loc-end?></csvdescription>
Save the load file to a specified location, for example:
Deploy the load files to the Windchill server using the wtSafeArea installation and deployment mechanism:
Run this command in the Windchill Shell:
windchill wt.load.LoadFromFile –d [INSTALL]/Windchill/wtSafeArea/sis/customContainerTemplates.xml –u [wca-user] –p [wca-password] –CONT_PATH –noserverstop –unattended
Retaining a wtSafeArea copy of the templates means they are available if you need to repeat a customization in another customer’s environment, or merge them back to your environment following future product upgrades.
For more information about WTSafeArea, see Setting Up a Directory Structure for Managing Customized Files and Text Tailoring.