Additional Windchill Capabilities > Windchill Quality Management Solutions > The Windchill Audit Management Process > Creating and Editing an Audit > Set Attributes
Set Attributes
Define the attributes for an audit template:
Field Name
Audit Templates
Select the existing template from the drop-down list if available.
In the New Audit Template window, the Audit Templates list is blank as no audit templates are available in the beginning. If there are existing audit templates, then those are displayed under Audit Templates.
Required. Specify a name to the audit.
For example, Audit1.
Add audit description.
Start Date
Enter a start date of the audit.
End Date
Enter an end date of the audit.
Audit Type
Select Internal as the type of audit from the list.
Audit Subtype
Add the subtype of audit — ISO Quality Systemor Internal Process.
Search and add the name of auditor.
Search and add the name of auditee.
Lead Auditor
Search and add the name of lead auditor.
Audit Date
Enter the actual date of when the audit will be conducted.
When you have added information in all fields, click Next to open Audit Details tab. For more information, see Audit Details.