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Creating and Editing an Audit
Only an Audit Manager can create an audit and assigns audits to a Quality Auditor. It is the Quality Auditor, who modifies the audit details and executes all the life cycles in the audit workflow.
To create an audit, perform following steps:
1. Log in to the Windchill with Audit Manager credentials.
2. From the Navigator, click the quality icon .
3. Click Audit. The Audit table page appears.
4. Click . The New Audit window appears.
5. The New Audit window contains the following steps:
Set Attributes
Define the attributes for the audit. For more information, see Set Attributes.
Audit Details
Add audit details. For more information, see Audit Details.
Set Attachments
Any local attachments can be attached here. For more information, see Attachments Table.
Select Associations
Displays the Nonconformance and CAPA associated with an audit. For more information, see Association of CAPA and Nonconformance with Audit.
6. Click Finish. The new audit object is displayed in the Audit table page of that quality container.
Editing an Audit
You can modify the audit criteria or update the association requests using the Edit Audit action. You can access the Edit Audit option from the Actions menu on the Audit Information page and in the right-click menu on the Audit Table page.
Edit in Offline Mode
You can edit certain attributes of an audit in offline mode using the Conduct Audit action on the Task Information page of an audit. The editing capability in offline mode is achieved using the reservation service in Windchill.
Only the following fields of an audit support editing in offline mode:
Not Applicable
Not Verified
Audit Score
Auditor Comments
Finding / Observation
Remedial Actions Comments
To edit an audit in offline mode, perform the following:
1. From the My Tasks table, click Conduct Audit. The Task Information page for the audit opens.
2. Click Action on Subject > Edit Audit Offline. The audit details are displayed in an offline editor.
3. Edit the audit details as necessary and click to save the changes.
4. When you open the audit in online mode, the updated audit details are displayed.
5. To release the reservation, navigate to the Audit Information page and click Actions > Undo Reservation. Only the creator of the audit or a quality container owner can release the reservation.
Reporting Audit
You can generate summary reports of audit objects when an audit is set to the Generate Summary Report life cycle state. The audit report provides overall information about the audit.
To generate an audit report, perform the following steps:
1. From My Tasks table, click an audit task which is in Summary Report state. The Task Information page of the audit opens.
2. Click Actions on Subject > Generate Audit Summary. The summary report is generated in a PDF format and saved to a local disk.