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Managing Configuration Level Change
Windchill includes standard change management functionality that is used to manage change at the upper level and lower level of the product structure. Windchill Aerospace and Defense configuration management includes specialized functionality to handle the needs of the change process at the configuration level.
The standard Windchill change management process is used in the upper and lower levels of the product structure. For more information, see About Change Management.
Windchill Aerospace and Defense configuration level change management includes the following change objects:
Change Directive—A change to the configuration level of the product structure.
Change Action—A statement of work required to implement a change directive. The definition of a missing solution needed to fulfill a change.
The following change management actions are detailed in this section:
Creating a Change Directive—A change directive addresses a change that needs to be made to the product structure at the configuration level. Identify any impacted configuration items and specify the effectivity range to which the change applies.
Generating Change Actions—Change actions are generated based on the configuration items and effectivity ranges that the change directive impacts. The system determines if any existing change actions or design solutions are impacted by the new change directive.
Fulfilling Change Actions—A change action is fulfilled by a design solution that has been created to address the needs of the change directive.
For a detailed overview of the configuration level change management process, see About Configuration Level Change Management.