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Windchill PartsLink: Support of Multiple Classification Structures
Product: Windchill
Ability to create multiple classification structures in a system using Namespace feature
Additional Details
From the Namespaces section in the Manage Classifications window, you can perform the following actions:
Create New Namespace
Delete Namespace
Import New Namespace
A namespace is used to identify a classification structure on the Classification Administration page. It helps in achieving the following:
Separate classification structures for each object type
Ability to create separate namespaces for Document type and Part type, as shown in the image:
Separate classification structures for subtypes of an object type
Ability to create a namespace specifically for classifying Mechanical Parts, which is a subtype of Parts type.
Ease of structure management for classification administrators
Allows a classification administrator working on a specific structure can directly navigate to the desired namespace. The classification tree dynamically refreshes according to the selection of a namespace from theNamespaces list.
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