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CAD Data Management: Modifying Attributes during Save As Action
Product: Windchill Workgroup Manager
Save As is now better aligned with your business processes, allowing users to not only make a new copy of an existing design, but also set or reset attributes on those new objects in a single user interface. Additionally, attributes shown and set in the Save As user interface are validated to ensure that they conform to the latest attribute constraints.
Save As allows editing attributes in cell like a spreadsheet or to set the value for multiple objects, like the Edit Attributes action. When setting an attribute for multiple objects you can use the Set Value control with the following options:
Value—Enter or select the desired value.
Default—Resets the attribute to the default values for the object’s soft-type.
Unset—Removes the attribute’s value and assignment to this object.
Additional Details
Help text is displayed to indicate the type, any constraints defined and default value of CAD Documents, Windchill documents and parts.
Related Information
For more information, see Setting Attribute Values.