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Reordering Structured Documents
You can change the order in which child documents appear in the structure tree:
The reorder action is only available for documents that have two or more child documents.
You must have permission to check out the parent document before you can rearrange its child documents.
For structures with multiple levels, you can only reorder documents directly used by the selected document. If a child document has its own structure, that substructure is kept intact and moved along with the parent document. To rearrange substructures, perform a separate action on the parent document in the structure tree.
1. Select the parent document. If checked in, click the checkout icon on the actions table toolbar. Whether or not child documents are checked out does not affect your ability to reorder the structure.
Depending on your settings, you might be able to select Reorder and automatically check out the document. Otherwise, the action appears disabled until the document is checked out.
2. Select Reorder from the right-click actions menu in the document structure tree.
3. Select a document and use the following options:
Move Top—Move to the first position in the list.
Move Up—Move higher in the list one position at a time.
Move Down—Move lower in the list one position at a time.
Move Bottom—Move to the last position in the list.
For large document structures, click the find icon to search for the document you want to move.
4. Click OK to save the document order and close the window.