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Converting Simple Text Attribute to Rich Text Attribute
You can convert simple text description attribute to rich text description attribute using the conversion utility. The following commands are used for conversion:
copy: Copies values of all simple text attributes to their corresponding rich text attributes.
move: Moves values from all simple text attributes to their corresponding rich text attributes.
To execute the utility, perform the following steps:
1. Open a Windchill shell and navigate to the $WT_HOME (Windchill) directory.
2. Execute the command:
java wt.change2.converter.richtext.ChangeSimpleToRichTextUtility
3. When prompted, enter your login credentials. Alternatively, you can enter your credentials in the command line using the -u<username> and -p<password> commands.
4. To copy or move the existing simple text attributes to the corresponding rich text attributes, use the respective command:
java wt.change2.converter.richtext.ChangeSimpleToRichTextUtility –action copy
java wt.change2.converter.richtext.ChangeSimpleToRichTextUtility –action move
5. When prompted, enter Yes to confirm the conversion.
You cannot revert the changes after the attributes are converted.
All the rich text attribute fields which were empty are replaced with the values from the corresponding simple text attribute fields. If a rich text field already had a value, the field is not updated.
The utility skips converting the simple text attributes that include special characters. You can view details of the objects that are not eligible for conversion in an error report using the command:
java wt.change2.converter.richtext.ChangeSimpleToRichTextUtility –action errorReport
The error report is stored on the path: $WT_HOME/logs/changeSimpleToRichTextUtilityLogs. A log file displaying the progress of each action is also stored on this path.
You may want to stop the conversion if the utility is unresponsive or if you accidently closed it. In such cases, you can restart the utility and execute the command:
java wt.change2.converter.richtext.ChangeSimpleToRichTextUtility –action stop
This command stops further processing of conversion, but the records that were already converted are not reverted.
To avoid conflicts, PTC recommends running the utility during off-peak or maintenance hours when minimal users access change management objects.