Refreshed Web Interface > Creating an Item > Creating a New Item
Creating a New Item
The image below shows the Item Create page and the table below describes the various actions that you can perform on this page.
Create an item
In the Refreshed Web Interface:
1. Click .
2. Select Item Type and Project in the Create Item window and click Proceed.
3. Type the necessary information in the Item Create page.
Red asterisk mark *
On a tab
Tab has one or more incomplete mandatory fields.
On More Tabs
There are tabs within More Tabs with incomplete mandatory fields.
Next to a field
It is a mandatory field.
The counter in the top-right corner of the page tracks the completion of mandatory fields and shows a success message after all the mandatory fields are completed.
Relevance and editability rules are applied as setup by your administrator. For details, see Constraints in the Refreshed Web Interface.
Commit the item information to the database and resume entering additional information
Click Apply. The view changes from Item Create to Item Edit. You can continue editing the content.
After clicking Apply, fields in the item may change based on relevance and editability rules. This means that what you can see and do in the item may change.
Save the item and open the Item View
Click Save. The status message indicates that it is saved, and the view changes from Item Create/Item Edit to Item View.
Save the item and open DocStudio
Applicable only for document type of items.
Click Save and go to DocStudio. A confirmation window opens. After confirmation, the view changes from Item Create to Item View and DocStudio is opened in a new tab.
Undo and redo
Click and , respectively after you start editing the content.
Cancel item creation
Click Cancel. After confirmation, the edits in the Item Create page are discarded and home page is opened.
After successful apply and save, Item ID is created, and Item Info overlay is enabled on the Item View Header. For details, see Item View Header.
For details about editing an item, see Editing in the Item View.