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Release Highlights: Windchill RV&S
The Windchill RV&S release provides many major enhancements in each of the following functional areas.
Refreshed Web Interface
Major Refreshed Web Interface enhancements:
New Home page for the Refreshed Web Interface.
Support for editing items in the Refreshed Web Interface.
Ability to create new Items and Documents.
Ability to create new related items.
Ability to view the External OSLC Links in DocStudio and Refreshed Item View.
Support for the Test Results tab.
Support for keyboard navigation, shortcuts, and contrast ratio in the Refreshed Item View to conform with the AA level of accessibility compliance.
Item Presentation Template (IPT) enhancements for better user experience:
Ability to split and merge grids.
Ability to update the Text Override property value for displaying field names.
Ability to show multiple field values in single cell.
Ability to freeze all field value cells in a row.
Ability to display field values in the metrics format.
Server Configuration and Administration
Major server configuration and administration enhancements:
FSA proxy server and split server configurations can now communicate with the IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) server using the WebSocket protocol.
Windchill RV&S OSLC Server supports the reverse lookup web service to provide information about the external OSLC links for Windchill Modeler.
Bulk data cache file transfers, which were interrupted due to network disconnection, now resume instead of restart.
Third-Party Integrations
Major third-party enhancement:
Support for integration with Matlab/Simulink 2019b.
Major miscellaneous enhancements:
Support for Oracle 19c.
Support for AWS Corretto 8.
Support for Apache Tomcat 9.0.31.
Support for Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium.