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DocStudio Behavior
Consider the following points while working in DocStudio:
To get the best user experience with DocStudio, set the screen width to 1024 pixels. If the screen width is set anywhere between 512 to 1024 pixels, Outline pane is collapsed and only text columns in the Content pane are displayed.
By default, DocStudio opens in the same locale as the existing Web UI.
When scrolling the Outline pane in Internet Explorer, it may flicker before the data loads completely in the Outline pane.
If any inline image is not displayed in its actual size, you can double click the image to view it in full size. To view the inline image in full size, PTC recommends using Windchill RV&S client to upload the images.
The bullets inserted in a document may appear differently as compared to Windchill RV&S client.
PTC recommends that you do not use forward slash (/), back slash (\) or comma (,) in the name of the file which is inserted as an attachment, OLE object or inline image. Such a file cannot be downloaded. Also, if the file name consists of any symbol that is not supported by your operating system, the file is downloaded without the file extension and the symbol in the file name is deleted.
A horizontal red line is displayed in the content pane against the item if:
The user does not have access to the item, or
The item is deleted after the document is opened in DocStudio.
If you click a link to a Windchill RV&S item in DocStudio, the item opens in the existing Web UI in a new tab of the browser. Similarly, a link to an external page is displayed in a new tab of the browser.
If you click on a cross reference before all the line items are available in DocStudio, an error message may be displayed. This happens if the target item does not exist or is not yet loaded in DocStudio.
PTC recommends that you do not make any changes directly to the URL in the browser window. Error message is displayed if you try to manipulate the URL.
To get the best user experience, retain the value of property mksis.im.httpSessionHeartbeat as true.
If the value of property is set to false, broken image icon is displayed in place of images and attachments in a document. The broken image icon is displayed due to the http session timing out which is set for property mksis.im.httpSessionTimeout. The display of broken image icon can be fixed by refreshing the browser.
For more information about the properties, see Workflow and Document Configuration Properties in the Database.
Historical documents
Follow these steps to view historical version of a document in DocStudio:
1. Open the document from the Web interface of Windchill RV&S. Select a date hyperlink in the History tab of the Item Details view to view the document as of that date.
Alternatively, select the document you want to view from the Items view, click and select Historical > View Item As Of.
2. Click Open in DocStudio.
In a Chrome browser, you cannot use horizontal scroll bars to view single line text in a field of type Longtext if the length of the line exceeds the default column width. As a workaround, increase the column width or use the Autosize This Column option.