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Editing and Formatting Rich Content
You are presented with a rich content toolbar once you start updating rich content. This toolbar provides easy-to-use features to edit the content. The options on the editing toolbar are similar to word processing applications such as Microsoft Word. The rich text editor comes with commonly used features such as formatting text, inserting links, creating tables, inserting images, and so on.
Accessing Options on the Rich Content Toolbar
The rich content toolbar has over thirty options that include several drop-down lists. You can hover your cursor over any option on the toolbar to view its description. Some of the options are described here:
Insert: Use these options to insert the following:
Item Link
Attachment Link
Horizontal Line
Special Character
Alignment : Use options in this list to apply Left, Center, Right, or Justify alignment to the selected text.
Format Painter : Use this option to copy formatting.
Apply Case : Use options in this list to apply Lower case, Upper case, or Title case to selected text.
Word Count : Use this option to display the word count.
Insert date/time : Use options in this list to insert date and time.
For more information on the rest of the options on the rich content toolbar, see the topic Working with Rich Content
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