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tm extractattachments
saves an attachment from a test case result
tm extractattachments [--resultID=sessionID:caseID] [--outputFile=value] [--[no|confirm]overwriteExisting] [--hostname=value] [--port=value] [--password=value] [--user=value] [(-?|--usage)] [(-g|--gui)] [(-F value|--selectionFile=value)] [--quiet] [--settingsUI=[gui|default]] [--status=[none|gui|default]] [(-N|--no)] [(-Y|--yes)] [--[no]batch] [--cwd=value] [--forceConfirm=[yes|no]] attachment
tm extractattachments saves an attachment from a test case result for later viewing or printing.
This command takes the universal options available to tm commands, as well as some general options. See the options reference page for descriptions.
the ID of the test session and test case that you want to extract result attachments from.
For extracting attachments from a versioned test case, specify internal ID of the versioned test case for caseID. To display internal IDs of versioned test cases, an administrator can create an integer field, add computed expression as ID and make this field visible on the Test Case item type. For more information on creating a computed field, see the Windchill RV&S Help Center.
specifies the name of the file that the attachment is extracted to. If not specified, the name of the attachment is used as the output file.
specifies the name of the attachment to extract, for example, test_spec.htm. If no attachment is specified, then all attachments for the result are extracted.
If --cwd is not specified, the attachment is saved to the current working directory.
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